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Designs of the Heart – Merry Christmas!

Alright, so I have a few spare minutes to throw together a post… here goes:

Nani B is, to me, reminiscent of stories of the Greatmother.  She is a great-grandmother and the matriarch of our family.  She is of English and Native American descent and originated in Arkansas, but has lived in Oklahoma most of her life.  She has crafted many things in her long life.  She studied Native American beadwork and there are very few remaining pieces of her art left.  She has been featured in Smithsonian magazines for her painting.

Here are the few pieces we found in time to place on my booth:

Nani B Spoons Folkart

These are painted wooden spoons, one with a snowman and one with a gingerbread man.  If you read the price tags, you’ll notice she severely undervalues her work.

Nani B Mistletoad Folkart

She called this one the Mistletoad.  ❤

Nani B Snowman Picket

This is a snowman picket.  (He looks a little devious.)  She’s selling it for WAY too little!

Nani B Snowman Mitten

This is a snowman mitten; so cute!

Nani B Hanging Decorations

These are two hanging decorations that are also adorable.  One is an articulated Santa (who appears to be wearing a Yamaka) and the other spells out JOY.

And now, for the piece de resistance:

Nani B Sleigh

This one is so special she was loathe to let it go, but she wanted to price it so low that I had to interfere.  The price has been raised to $36, which is still a steal.

Nani B barely manages to afford her medication with her Social Security checks.  Any additional income would help her out tremendously and all of these pieces would add something very unique to anyone’s collection.  She is under the impression that no one will buy her work if she prices it based on her effort and materials spent on it, let alone all the time it takes to paint something so small and intricate, but she is in dire need of a source of funds, so I have to try to work with her to market her work and get it sold for at least some of what it’s worth.

Nani B has been selling painting kits under the name ‘Designs of the Heart’ for at least 15 years.

Please feel free to comment with any thoughts.

Oh yeah, and Happy Holidays to all!


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