Design Dream

I have some designs that stick around, tumbling around my brain, screaming to be let out, but so far I have no real outlet.  I’ve made a few sketches, but beyond that I haven’t actually tried to create anything.  Once I get my printer set up (ahem… Govind) I’ll try to upload scans of sketches.  I want delicate meets funky, and I wish there was a way to be 100% eco-friendly on such a small scale as I will be starting out, but I fear that it will not be entirely possible.  Also, pets roam throughout the house, namely cats, and I know some people are finicky about pet hair/dander and thus prefer to see “pet free” listed on the products they purchase through Etsy.

Note to self: Set up Etsy.  Does it cost money?  Do I have money?  (Hint: nope.)

PS: Everything that is on this blog now, or ever will be, is all Copyright 2012+ Veronica E. Raj and thievery is not only frowned upon, it is also illegal.

 PPS: Cross-posted.


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